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Victoria Beckham to exhibit her Fashion Label at London Fashion Week




A decade after she launched her fashion label in New York, Victoria Beckham will exhibit at London Fashion Week for the first time on Sunday.

It will be a triumphant homecoming of sorts for a now widely-respected designer and entrepreneur.

The ex-Spice Girls singer oversees an empire comprising four clothing lines, more than 400 retail outlets in over 50 countries and offices in London and New York.

At the outset Beckham, a longtime fashionista, faced a daunting challenge: convincing a competitive and demanding industry that she could make a lasting impression on fickle fashion fans.

Seizing the opportunity to surpass her status as a pop star and the original footballer’s WAG — meaning wives and girlfriends — she has gradually earned widespread recognition, even from fashion luminaries such as Karl Lagerfeld, the creative genius behind Chanel.

“Many saw her as just another example of a celebrity wanting to have a fashion range with no formal fashion training,” Andrew Groves, a professor of fashion design at the University of Westminster, told AFP.

“Through hard work and determination, she has proved those early critics wrong.”

In the space of a decade, Beckham, 44, has ventured into accessories, expanded sales internationally and online and multiplied collaborations with the likes of Reebok, Target and Estee Lauder.

Her style has also evolved, from the chic classicism that marked her first steps into haute couture to the more daring cuts and vibrant colours — neon orange, mint green, lilac — of more recent offerings.

“It’s been an incredible journey, even when things can be challenging. I’ve had to learn incredibly quickly,” she told The Daily Telegraph newspaper recently.

She claims the secret of her success is a tireless work ethic and the support of her family — football superstar husband David and their four children.

Beckham was blunt about the ambition for her brand “to get bigger and bigger”, in a 2013 interview with The New York Times Magazine.

That came a step closer in 2017 with the formation of her Victoria Beckham Limited (VBL) company thanks to a £30 million ($39 million, 34 million euros) injection from private equity firm NEO Investment Partners.

It valued the brand at £100 million, according to Business of Fashion magazine.

However, VBL will look to reduce its losses, which reached £8.5 million at the end of 2016 — nearly double the previous year, according to its most recent financial results.

“Running deficits of that volume is not unique in this industry and not necessarily a sign that she is any the less credible,” Naomi Braithwaite, a fashion marketing and branding lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, told AFP.

“It takes a time to build a brand and she is competing with labels that have a very long established history.”

Fashion professor Andrew Groves says Beckham has what it takes “to last for many years” as a medium-sized brand

Groves added that Beckham has “all the right elements to last for many years as a medium-sized designer brand”.

He noted her stated desire to build “an empire” hints at the overriding desire to continue to defy the early doubters.

As for the Spice Girls, the most famous girlband in history has reformed for a 13-date tour in 2019 but without “Posh Spice”, who has drawn a line under her first life as a pop star, according to British media.

British Vogue magazine featured Beckham surrounded by her children on its October cover under the headline “fashion gets real”.

“That’s what I’m doing now,” she told the magazine.



Kim Kardashian sues Missguided Fashion Company for using her image to sell designs she has already used




Kim Kardashian West has taken a fashion company to court. Kim just filed suit against Missguided USA, an online retailer that sells outfits resembling ones worn by celebs, and oftentimes by Kim herself, for using her name and image without permission to advertise their own “knock-off” designs.

In the documents, obtained by TMZ, Kim cites multiple instances where Missguided posted its own versions of outfits, Kim was photographed wearing. Kim claims the outfits are often whipped up and peddled in a matter of days, sometimes hours.

Her lawsuit includes a side by side of her own post, next to one from Missguided as evidence of what pisses her off about the company.

She also says Missguided often tags her on their social media posts, and includes photos of her giving people the wrong idea that she’s working with the company.

The Missguided lawsuit is just one of many more to come against fashion knockoff brands.

Kim just slammed Fashion Nova for recreating her vintage Mugler “boob belt” dress from the other night, saying this practice by fast fashion companies was “devastating.” Fashion Nova did not use her image to sell their stuff.

Missguided, however, used her image and that’s why Kim’s going after them.

Kim is asking a judge for an injunction to immediately stop Missguided from using her image …. and she wants damages in excess of $10 million.

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Floyd Mayweather rocks Gucci from up-to-down, disables social media comments




Floyd Mayweather recently decked Gucci  brand from neck-to-toe, and to avoid further controversy, he disabled his Instagram comments.

This is coming after Floyd decided to continue patronizing Gucci, despite all the major criticism the clothing company has faced over the past month, for releasing a sweater that many called “racist” because it appears to be blackface.

Mayweather backed them on a massive shopping spree last week, he backed them on his private jet just a day later and on Monday, he took it one step even further by turning himself to Gucci.

The boxing legend posted a photo in a Gucci shirt, Gucci socks and Gucci shoes, and captioned it, “BORN A LEADER.”

However, Floyd disabled all comments.

Recall that Floyd’s been hit by all kinds of celebs for backing the brand, with 50 Cent attacking the guy on social media and T.I. making a whole rap song devoted to the issue.





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Kim Kardashian comes strong for Internet, goes semi-nude for her morning photo



Reality TV star, beauty entrepreneur, Kim Kardashian West no doubt has no mercy for her followers on social media. On Monday, the mother of three went half nude for her fans.

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