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“I Feel Pity & Admiration for Stephanie Okereke” – Charles Novia



following actress Stephanie Okereke-Linus’ statement this morning on the alleged rape level against his brother, Daniel Okereke. See it here. Nollywood’s top film maker, Charles Novia, has written a note praising Stephanie for her bravery in releasing the statement. “Nollywood
actress recently put out a reproduced statement about a rape case
involving her brother, Daniel Okereke , who is accused of raping a Unilag
undergraduate and currently has a criminal case against him with the Police in
Lagos.” Continue…

Reading the statement, I could not help but feel pity and
admiration for Stephanie. Indeed, it is a harrowing experience to have a family
member accused of such a despicable and heinous crime and it is even more
traumatic to be linked with the accused as if by being related by blood, she is
culpable too in the crime. Using recent templates in entertainment, one should
ask if Brandy Norwood was culpable when Ray J leaked the sex videos of Kim
Kardashian a few years ago? Or some other examples I cannot remember at
The truth is that in law, each one is judged by their own
actions and Stephanie is not in any way under the limelight for a crime which
she knew nothing of. For that, I wholly sympathize with her and pray for
comfort for her and other members of her family at this trying period. No
matter the outcome of the case, there will always be a suspicion that Daniel
Okereke did something to blacken the family name and the outcry against rape
has been passionate (and rightly so) in the past decade in Nigeria. I support
any action taken against rapists by the law courts and while the onus of proof
lies with Daniel to prove his innocence, there is no gainsaying that this case
is going to be a watershed in Nigeria’s legal system for the interest it has
generated. In a way, the family name is a respected name in both the business
and entertainment sectors and a high profile case such as this will involve
much microscopic scrutiny.

I commend Stephanie’s bravery in bringing out the statement. She has proved by her action to be a worthy role model for a present


Man arrested for smuggling Cannabis into Prison for inmate in Abuja




The Nigerian Prison Service, Federal Capital Territory Command, has arrested a man, Clement Jacob, for allegedly smuggling hard drugs to give an inmate of the Kuje Medium Security Prison.

Jacob, who lives in the Dei-Dei area of Abuja, was arrested for smuggling into the prison a substance suspected to be cannabis in his sandal.

The hemp was meant to be delivered to an inmate of the prison, identified as Emeka Onyejikacki.

The prison service said in a statement on Tuesday that Onyejikacki was in the prison for possession of hard drugs.

The Command Public Relations Officer, NPS, Chukwuedo Humphrey, said Jacob was arrested by one Inspector Hussain Ibrahim, who noticed the exchange of sandals between him and Onyejikacki and conducted a search on the suspect.

Humphrey noted that the FCT Controller of Prisons, Mustapha Atta, advised members of the public and family members of inmates to ensure that inmates were properly reformed and rehabilitated.

He said, “Our officers have apprehended one Clement Jacob for attempting to smuggle a substance suspected to be Indian hemp into the prison facility. The substance was to be delivered to Onyejikacki, an inmate of the Kuje Prison.

“Jacob ran out of luck when he exchanged his sandals with those of the inmate after his session of prison visit. Inspector Hussain Ibrahim, the officer in charge of the visit area, noticed the quick exchange of footwear and requested another search after the visiting session was over.

“During the search, Hussain carefully tore open the sole of the sandals, thereby exposing the illegal transaction. Upon interrogation, Jacob, who initially feigned ignorance, divulged that one Mrs Emeka had called him to assist her in paying Mr Emeka a visit.

“He was also instructed to exchange his footwear with the inmate before leaving the premises.”


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Graduates of University Of Ibadan, Department Of Statistics Set To Hold First Home Coming/Reunion And Hall Of Fame Launch



Plans are already in top gear as students of the Department of Statistics, University of Ibadan, are set to mark the first homecoming/reunion event of past graduates of the department between Friday, June 7 and Saturday, June8 2019.

The two-day program which will audaciously take place at the department complex on the campus is themed,“Homecoming event for Nation Builders and Celebration of Achievement.”The Head of Department, Dr.Angela Chukwu, said the event is aimed at bringing together all alumni of the department, basically to reunite and hopefully work together with the department in supporting research, creativity and to initiate an endowment fund to assist exceptional but less-privileged students of the department.

The event kicks off on the 7th June with a breakfast and networking meet and exchange of pleasantries after a long time of leaving the department for greener pastures. Afterwards, two alumni of the department,Prof. D.K. Shangodoyin, a Professor of Statistics, University of Botswana, and President, African Statistical Association; and Dr.Mohammed Tumala, Director of Statistics, Central Bank of Nigeria, will deliver keynote addresses.

The event will feature a panel discussion amongst distinguished alumni, which include Professor (Mrs) Joy Nwabueze, Professor Ethelbert Nduka, Mrs.Olubusola Oyebadejo and Mr.Emmanuel John Udoh who will all share expert opinions on the impact of statistics degrees in their various fields.

The second day of the program, June 8, will be a social event where the department will be recognizing retired members of staff of the department, and formally recognize and congratulate the newest professors in the department. There will also be an official launch of the department’s Hall of Fame, and an inaugurationof the “U.I. Statistics Department Ambassadors, (UISDA),” both of which will be moderated and conducted by the Head of Department.

The highlight of this home-coming event is the dinner/fund raiser ceremony at the International Conference Centre University of Ibadan. The event is to celebrate many accomplishments of the department alumni, giving a chance to catch up on sweet memories with old classmates, lecturers and members of staff while enjoying a thrilling event in the ancient city of Ibadan. Intending alumni of the department are urged to confirm their attendances at the event, through this GSM number 0805 544 1106 via sms.

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NDLEA denounces Akeredolu’s plans to legalise cultivation of Cannabis



NDLEA arrests two police officers over illegal arms movement


–Abdallah denies claims he visited Thailand with Akeredolu to learn how to grow Cannabis

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, yesterday, denounced plans by the Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State to begin the cultivation of Cannabis Sativa for medicinal and commercial purposes.

In a statement in Abuja, Chairman/Chief Executive of the NDLEA, Col. Muhammad Abdallah (retd), reminded the governor that Nigeria remained opposed to the legalisation and decriminalization of cannabis, in line with the constitution of the country.

Abdallah denied claims that he had visited Thailand with Akeredolu to learn how to grow Cannabis sativa for medicinal purpose or economic gain, noting that at no point did he make any remark in favour of the commercial and medicinal value or monetary gain of Cannabis while in Thailand.

He said: “For the avoidance of doubt, NDLEA under my leadership has been consistent in our opposition to legalization and decriminalisation of cannabis. For example, Operation Thunderstorm undertaken by Ondo State Command of NDLEA destroyed 3,900.73 hectares of cannabis sativa planted in forest reserves.

“Similarly, I make bold to state that Nigeria’s staunch opposition to legalising cannabis for recreational purposes was restated at the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, CND, roundtable just recently concluded in Vienna, March this year. Not only that, Nigeria canvassed the position that status quo ante be maintained while decisions are made by the United Nations to alter the Single Convention of 1961 under which cannabis falls. These decisions are yet to be made.

“Both Nigeria and Thailand still abide by that same Single Convention of 1961 involving cannabis. While I do not hold brief for Thailand, it is instructive to state that what research is conducted by them in order to confirm medical benefits of cannabis is done by seeds imported under their government control from Spain.

“And for the records, only 100 seedlings have been planted, still awaiting their growth, not to talk of research being conducted on them. It is inaccurate, therefore, to say Thailand has approved the medical use of cannabis. This fact can be verified from Thai Embassy in Nigeria.”



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