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Bobrisky has nothing on you – Charly Boy says of his cross-dress photo




Entertainment personality, Charly Boy apparently paved the way for cross-dressers in the country, helping the likes of Denrele Edun and recently Bobrisky.

CB took to social media on Monday to share a cross-dress photo of himself, christened himself Linda and said even Bobrisky has nothing on him.

“My Beautiful Linda.


A crazy creative animal

a master of reinvention.

Bobrisky has nothing on u.

U’re not completely mad, or ever fazed by the seemingly endless scrutiny.

Like insanity u feed off of controversy.

Crazy people like u will  teach us how to own all our scandals.

Fada,” he wrote.

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R Kelly spends his Easter smoking ciga beside a Rolls-Royce




R Kelly is struggling to make ends meet and facing possible jail time if he can’t come up with child support soon , but he is not showing any sign of concern.

The embattled singer was out on Easter Sunday chilling in front of his Trump Tower condo building in Chicago. He puffed on a cigar, right down to the stub, while chatting on his cell phone.

He also happens to be sitting right next to a Rolls-Royce. It wasn’t clear if the car belongs to him, but the photo said it all.


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Keep filming, don’t wait till you have $1m before shooting – Daniel Ademinokan tells colleagues




Nollywood movie director, Daniel Ademinokan has urged his colleague to continue shooting movies, irrespective of low budgets.

In a write up on Instagram, he gave tips on how to handle the camera, edit movies, work on good plot and handle actors to make good movie despite the budget.

“Actors and crew that have worked with me over the years know that, as a director, I love well orchestrated camera movements and blockings that add dynamism to a scene. I strongly believe that a great performance by an actor plus the right camera movement/angle equals to a fantastic scene, and of course a good film.

As a directing instructor, I have seen a lot of my students struggle in the editing room with the decision between the well executed steady-cam shot where the actors performance was just OK, and the take where the actors performance was spectacular but on the static close up.

More often than not, younger (newer) filmmakers opt for the shot on the steady-cam because it adds some kind of production value (and of course they paid for the gear so they might as well just use it. LOL).

However, the questions I have always asked are these; What drives your story? The shot or the performance? Is the camera movement symbolic in the film that you would pick it over the actor’s performance? Or is the actor’s performance more important to the story and the audience over the shot? Consider these two points.

1. Less than 15% of the people who will see your film are filmmakers who pay attention to your shots.

2. You are making the film for the audience and not yourself. What will they remember the most; the story you’re telling through your actors or the steady-cam/jib/drone shot? So this is what I always say to my students. Plan. Know what you want to film before you get on set. Talk to your actors and understand the objective of the scene.

Explain what your shot is and what you expect of them and let them know how important the shot is to the THE STORY YOU ARE TELLING (and not how important it is to you). There is nothing wrong with having a great shot a movie – just don’t use your actors to practice on set.

If it’s something dynamic, know how to achieve it before you bring the actors in and wear them out on set. Much love to you guys and remember, keep filming. Don’t wait till you have $1Million before you get your camera & shoot something. LOL.” He wrote.

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VIP Lounge steady smells like Big sweaty Rat – Nwachukwu claims




Reality TV star, actor, Uti Nwachukwu has alleged that the VIP lounge of apparently one of the most famous airports in Nigeria, constantly smells like a ‘big sweaty rat’.

“VIP lounge steady smelling like Big sweaty RAt! Kai!! Naija I hail thee 🙌🏾😭” he wrote on Twitter.

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