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Actor, Leo Mezie critically down with fresh Kidney Ailment, needs N15m for Surgery




–Just N1000 Is Needed from Individual Nigerians to save this handsome TV practitioner

Nollywood actor, Leo Mezie is back on sick bed as his kidney ailment relapsed after three years. Recall that Leo, who just turned 43 had kidney failure 3 years ago, but had a natural revival 3 weeks after he was to undergo surgery in United Kingdom and he was flown back to Nigeria.

However, Leo was not completely healthy, because he was placed on dialysis 3 times every month and a routine food type. Julia Blaise Blog reports that it has not easy financially for the actor to get his dialysis done, and his food type, as a result he had a relapse.

Right now, Leo’s kidney is no longer functional and he is no longer using the toilet. The light skin actor needs N15 million to get an urgent transplant.

Actress, Chioma Okoye has placed Nigerians on N1000 challenge, begging people donated just N1000 each to Mr. Mezie’s GT Bank Account for the surgery.

“My name is Chioma Okoye I have been receiving a lot of calls and text messages regarding Leo’s illness, yes Leo was sick three years ago, he was diagnosed with kidney failure, we started raising funds from the public, we reached out to different pastors among all the pastors, Pastor Suleiman was the only one that responded and actors stopped campaigning for money at that point we had about 3 million plus, we stopped the campaign, two days later Leo flew to London, after three weeks his result came out well he didn’t need a transplant anymore, he came back to Nigeria and was placed on dialysis and food type.

Leo’s food type is not what you get in the regular market because of his illness, in as much as his kidney revived back he still needed dialysis three times a month right now he has been trying to survive because there is no money anymore.

So we are back to it, his two kidneys are not functioning, for the past ten days Leo has not gone to the toilet, at this point he is in need of dialysis to make use of the toilet and a doctor advised we do a transplant immediately and it shouldn’t take longer than four weeks.

The only way we can help him is to campaign for support from everybody with minimum of one thousand naira so we can sought Leo out.

Leo celebrated his 43years birthday few months back, he has been married for 11years with no child, thank you and please share this message so everybody will know that Leo needs a surgery.

Pastor Suleiman did not perform miracle he only paid for his hospital bill and Leo went to the church to give thanks because God healed him and the same God is still on his case, thank you and God bless you, please rebroadcast.



The N1000 Challenge initiative!

Donate please for a worthy cause. Help (Nollywood Actor)

Leo mezie beat kidney Disease. (N 15,000,000,00)

Name: Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)

Account Number: 0247060075

Account Name: DONATE-NG,’ she said.


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